Freshman Fifteen: Crystal Jackson

Q: Have you ever done anything illegal? Do you plan on doing anything illegal in the future ?
A: No, no.

Q: What’s your zodiac sign?
A: I don’t know [my zodiac sign].

Q: What’s your opinion on the government shutdown? What about the cafeteria food?
A: I don’t know. I eat the cafeteria food, but I don’t like it.

Q: What’s your favorite to do?
A: I like to sing.

Q: What’s your least favorite thing to do?
A: My least favorite thing to do is homework.

Q: Whats your favorite song right now? Artist or band?
A: My favorite artist right now is Ed Sheehan and my favorite song by him right now is Give me love.

Q: Do you like your name or hate it ? If so what name would you rather have?
A: I like my name, I don’t wanna change it.

Q: What’s your favorite color? Why?
A: Pink. I don’t [have a reason].

Q: What do you wanna do with your life?
A: I wanna be a neonatal nurse and have kids and a husband.

Q: Have you ever had something bad happen to you? How did it effect you?
A: My grandpa died but it didn’t really affect me because I didn’t know him that well

Q: Have you ever been in a fight ? Why? What happened? Did you win ?
A: No, I have never been a fight.

Q: Ever been in love or currently in love ? How long have you been in love? How does it or did it feel?
A: No, I have never [been in love].

Q: What’s your favorite animal? Why?
A: Dogs because they’re really cute.

Q: What’s your favorite food? Why?
A: Jamaican food because I’m Jamaican.

Q: Is there anything you want to add about yourself?
A: I like painting nails.