Metro East Player of the Year announced

Metro East Player of the Year announced

Mariel Vega, online editor On Mar. 11, an announcement was made minutes before the bell to dismiss everyone to go home rung. Dean Travis Gabriel announced that junior Marquel Willis is Metro East Basketball Player of the Year.

“I had no clue, didn’t know till announcement,” Willis said.

Head boys basketball coach Alex Jackson is the only person who knew about Willis’s nomination. Metro Conference was held and all the team coaches voted for player of the year. Skill sets and what is brought onto the court is analyzed to every dunk and teamwork when it comes to judging.

“I feel like there’s no true feeling because [the team] didn’t get anywhere,” Willis said. “If the team didn’t get anywhere, neither did I.”

Sadly, the team’s season was cut short with a record of 24-6 and didn’t make it to the Final Four, just the Elite 8. According to Willis, if no ring is rewarded, there’s nothing to show for.

“Oppurtunies are always there,” Jackson said. “The sky is the limit.”

Being recognized now by the school, team, coaches, and possible colleges out there, Willis will carry this title out of high school. While this is the first time one of our players are named player of the year, a lot is in store for the boys basketball team next season.