Girls soccer team looks to improve record

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Gilmarie Martinez, staff writer

On Thursday, Dec. 20, the varsity girls soccer team will play Pine Ridge. Second year coach Denis Cinamman and the girls are said to be having a great time playing this school year.

One of Cinamman’s biggest concerns is that the girls are not putting enough effort into this year’s season. They want to win championships, but they can’t due to their lack of initiative.

“The girls are kinda lazy,” Cinamman said. “They don’t realize that they need to do the extra effort to be competitive”

Cinnaman says the girls are not prepared to win the championship this year. Cinamman loves coaching the girls soccer team, even though they aren’t doing as well as he had hoped this season.

“I’m very passionate about the sport,” said senior soccer player, Carla Fuentes. “And I really like watching it and I like how it feels when I play it”

Fuentes loves soccer and even though their team has struggled, she doesn’t give up on her players.