Summer Walker Entertainment Story

Ayana L, Staff Writer

Artist: Summer Walker
Release date: October 4, 2019
Producers: London On Da Track, Arsenio Archer, OG Parker, Stevie J, Scott Storch, Summer Walker

I am in love with the album, Over It, and it definitely reflects things I’ve been going through lately with relationships and my personal feelings. I’ve listened to this album a million times already, the first night it came out I listened to the entire thing. I thought the album would be about getting over a breakup or how to deal or cope with heartbreak, but really it’s more about love. I feel like this album really touches on her inner feelings. I believe the album is very transparent and it reflects our true feelings. I can honestly relate to a lot of songs on the album, but I feel like with this album you have to listen to it a few times to fall in love with it. My top favorite song from the album is “Just Might” featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR because, in the song, Summer speaks on what she’s struggled with in past relationships and what she’s learned from them, which I can relate to in a few ways. “Just Might” catches her wondering why relationships always end in breakups. In a few verses, she says,

“What am I missin’?
Always takin’ L’s every time I got with a n**** That just don’t waste a day gone
What am I missin’?
Seems like you gain more from a sugar daddy or a drug dealer
Pick me out the club, one hit and
I don’t wanna know”

Which I love because she’s singing about how she never gets the gist of why her relationships always fail which is just another day wasted. She explains that she’d gain way more from a Sugar Daddy or a Drug Dealer because they would be more beneficial than her wasting all her time on the wrong men. A few of my other favorite songs would be Me, Off of you, I’ll kill you & Nobody Else. Compared to her last album, “Last Day Of Summer” she has a wide variety of sounds with a different meaning to each of them. The thing about good love songs is that as long as people keep breaking up and making up, music about the experience will never feel far away.