Homecoming Court and Dance


Heavenlee Hagan, Assistant EIC

The student’s of Oak Ridge elected the homecoming court during the football game Oct 18. Seniors Daniela Cordero and Travis Adams started their reign as the Homecoming King and Queen. Travis Adams felt as if he was on cloud nine that night. Still dazed, he explained the sensation of euphoria at that moment.

“I started crying when I found out I won because it was a shocking experience for me. I didn’t think I was going to win because a lot of people don’t move like that. But, when I found out I won I was excited because this is a first time experience.”

The next day, the homecoming dance commenced. Dresses twinkled brilliantly in the dazzling lights. Couples swayed delicately together to the sweet tune of the music. The DJ had the crowd jumping and calling out in sync with the songs.

Alejandro Albino and Julissa Rubio were crowned the 2019 Freshmen Prince and Princess. Well known sophomores, Pedro Gutierrez and Maya Jackson, earned the title of Sophomore Prince and Princess. Juniors Gary Leonard and Brittney Ortiz were Junior Prince and Princess.