Pioneers end their season with a bang

Savannah Leinbock, Sports Editor

Lights hit the field, players getting ready, students hanging out, parents cheering. Oakridge High School’s last game of the season. After a tough season pioneers take off and play with there hearts. On Friday, November 1rst. Oak Ridge ended there season on a high note. Pioneers had ended the week before with a tragic lose against Dr. Phillips High school. Through the season Oak Ridges varsity football team has taken some defeating loses but they never let that break them down. Through the pain of losing their head coach, losing game after game, and players having conflict with one another. They still managed to end the season on a high note as a proud pioneer should.

During the pioneers season, they lost their head coach, this had a big impact on these boys who want nothing more but to win and make everyone proud. Berry Dumezil speaks about coach Clint Johnson by saying, “a lot of the players were really close to him. We all had a bond with him.” So, without a head coach how could they manage to keep the team together. De’Andre Torrance expresses his feeling about this season by saying “it was an experience with a lot of ups and downs.” Many players quite, were kicked off or got injured. Gary Leonard says “It kinda just ruined the chemistry between us”. In conclusion, lets just say it was a tough season for Oak Ridge pioneers. Through all that they still managed to end their season with joy and unity.

We as students and supporters of Oak Ridge High schools football team have to understand that the heart ache they took this year was huge. Nevertheless, our pioneer boys came through for us with a striking 27-14 against University High school. We all thank our pioneers for a season that will be remembered for us all and especially the senior players. Class of 2020.