Empowered Youth Hosts Day of Silence


Joe Joseph

Senior Benny Shi shows off his personally made poster for Day of Silence on Thursday, April 18.

Jasmine Boyens, Editor in Chief

Student organization Empowered Youth hosted a school-wide Day of Silence yesterday. The awareness project was inspired by GLSEN’s (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) Day of Silence, a “national youth movement highlighting the silencing and erasure of LGBTQ+ people at school,” according to Empowered Youth pamphlets.

The goal of the event was to “break the silence” and make the “school more inclusive.”

Students spent the entirety of the school day without speaking, saying that it signified LGBTQ+ students whose voices are silent in communities that do not show positive representation.

Throughout the day, increasing numbers of students sported small signs around their neck to signify their participation.

“Silence is one of the loudest arguments,” said senior Benny Shi, who recited his Instagram post that aimed to continue spreading around the cause.

“Not everybody responds well to such a sensitive topic but it’s making a difference,” said Shi.

According to seniors Anthony Phagoo and Widline Senatus, some students did not react positively toward the event.

“I got a lot of stares,” said Senatus. Although many students were reading the sign, she said that some students were less supportive and more critical.

“I could hear people talking about it even though I was standing right there,” added Phagoo. He stated that the lack of enthusiasm from some students was not unexpected.

However, Phagoo also said that the support and excitement that was received by other students made it all worth it.

“We got to experience the voices that are silenced every day and I think that that definitely made an impact,” said Phagoo.