Journalism Students Attend Convention


Oak Ridge Media newspaper and yearbook staff members pose during a journalism convention.

Jasmine Boyens, Editor in Chief

Journalism students attend an overnight field trip to participate in the Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA) convention in Orlando last week.

The journalism organization, primarily made up of yearbook students, were accepted for a SAC (Student Advisory Committee) grant that allowed nine of them to attend.

The convention gave students the opportunity to participate in competitions, learning sessions, and award ceremonies. The event is catered to high school newspaper, yearbook, videography, and broadcasting students.

Sophomore Jannelys Burgos reflected on FSPA as a beneficial opportunity to not only learn more about journalism but also meet other professional and high school journalists.

“I really enjoyed the sessions,” said Burgos. “One of the ladies running the session gave her experiences and opinions about how to get every student in the book even if you have certain obstacles that make it difficult,” she continued.

Burgos stated that this is just one lesson she hopes to take to yearbook next year.

Students were unable to apply to many competitions due to late sign-up. However, yearbook and newspaper advisor, Ronald White, wishes to do so this coming year. He also commented on possibly entering the 2018-2019 yearbook for an All Florida FSPA award.

Senior Channai Williams, one of only two students who had previously attended the convention, admired the more relatable and insightful sessions offered this year. She felt that she benefited most from a presentation that discussed how to identify fake news.

It is learning opportunities like these that have made the convention an encouraging and impactful incentive for students who wish to pursue journalism, according to White.